There is Dnipro-Teteriv state forest and hunting management located near village Sukholuchya, Vyzhhorod region, Kyiv oblast, situated on the bank of Kyiv water-storage basin. During almost a half of century, ordinary people could not enter this territory. Starting the mid XX century, there was a management unit intended for hunting mainly for the members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR; and after the proclamation of the independence of Ukraine – for members of parliament and officials. In 2007, Yanukovich settled on this management unit and the territory was surrounded by 2-3 meter-ditch, enclosed with a fence; roads were laid, hunting towers were built as well as two hunting residences in exosites Ostriv and Akatsiya. After the escape of Yanukovich, all the property and animals in aviaries were left unsupervised. Lots of stuff was taken away by marauders, but the greatest part was saved thanks to activists. Today Sukholuchya hunting area is under responsible preservation of PO “Mezhyhirya Ukrainian National Park” and every interested person can visit the hunting area of former presidential Yanukovich. For more detailed information please call us at +38 (066) 614-34-59