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Mezhyhirya is a perfect place for riding a bicycle. We have everything – fresh air, beautiful views, high-grade asphalt covering, long straight paths for leisurely, relaxed walks and hills for those who missed their gym training and want to build muscles. The territory of Mezhyhirya is very large. So, if you have not much time, riding a bike is a perfect choice to quickly explore the whole park. You may take your own bike or use the rent available in the park. The choice of bicycles is wide – from standard cross-country and incredibly stylish cruisers to bicycles with baby stroller and electric bicycles. It is also possible to use service of riding instructor, who will help to learn to ride a bike. It is quite easy to find a bicycle rental center – you may see it right near the entrance to the park. Feel free to come up, choose a bike that you like and spend a good time