Visitors who purchased charity tickets shall be deemed to be aware of these rules of conduct in Mezhyhirya National Park and shall bear full responsibility for violations of these rules.

  1. To enter the park territory it is required to have a ticket. If for any reason you do not want to pay for a charity ticket, you may buy food for animals (carrots, apples, beets) to the amount equivalent to the ticket price.
  2. The park guard has the right to inspect personal belongings of visitors to avoid bringing restricted items to the territory of the park.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to bring any weapons, piercing-cutting objects, explosives, radioactive, chemical, toxic substances, pyrotechnics, alcoholic beverages, etc. to the territory of the park.
  4. Animals are not permitted in the park.
  5. Adult visitors and persons accompanying tour groups are fully responsible for safety and life of children who came to the park with them. It is forbidden to leave young children unattended.
  6. It is forbidden to be intoxicated and drink alcohol at the territory of Mezhyhirya National Park.
  7. Climbing over fences, hedges is forbidden, as well damaging, digging, tearing or picking any plants, flowers, berries, fruits, mushrooms, entering into the water.
  8. It is forbidden to litter and make a bonfire.
  9. It is forbidden to give food to wild and pet animals, which is not included in their diet in nature. It is forbidden to interfere with the free movement of wild animals on the territory of the park.
  10. It is forbidden to fish in waters within the park.
  11. Using bike transport, skateboard, electric transport and any other means of transportation on the territory of the park is permitted at a speed not exceeding 20 km/h according to road traffic regulations. In view of the danger of the slopes in the park, going down the slopes by bike, electric transport and other vehicles is forbidden. Transportation of vehicles is carried out by hand-carry.
  12. Any damage to property of the park or other damage due to the fault of a visitor of the park shall be reimbursed in full.
  13. Making commercial videos and photo shooting, organizing exhibitions, promotional events, etc. at the territory of the park is permitted only with the consent of Mezhyhirya community and in compliance with safety regulations.
  14. Visitors undertake to immediately leave the territory of the park at the request of the park’s staff if visitors’ behavior is potentially dangerous or harmful to other visitors, workers, animals, plants or buildings located at the territory of the park.
  15. Mezhyhirya community is not responsible for personal items of visitors lost at the territory of the park. If your belongings were lost in the park, please address the guard near the main entrance, give them information about the lost items and your contact phone number. If you notice any items unattended, any suspicious items, etc., please inform the guard.
  16. In case of violation of the rules of conduct by a visitor, Mezhyhirya community reserves the right to deny such visitor to stay in the park with no refund of entry ticket.
  17. Aerial filming is prohibited in the park


We appreciate your understanding and wish you a pleasant stay.